findtheinvisiblecow: A site for those who are bored

Findtheinvisiblecow is a site that will keep you busy for as long as you are deadly bored. We would even say that there is a risk of getting stuck.

It is about a website containing a "burnt" game. In findtheinvisiblecow, as the name of the website says, you try with your mouse to find an invisible cow that is somewhere on your screen. By constantly clicking on your screen you are trying to guess what is hidden. Also at the point where the cow is, your censor changes shape.

The screen is completely white and all you have to indicate if the click you made is near or far from the cow is the sound you hear from the speakers. The closer you click to the cow, the faster and louder the sound you hear. The farther you click, the slower and slower it becomes. Something like the "cold-heat" game.

The findtheinvisiblecow holds a surprise for you. For each cow that is found you earn 1 point. When you find the cow five times, that is, when you gain five points then another animal unlocks, the goat !! So you can well try to find the goat.

At fifty points the fox unlocks. The "cold-warm" sounds in the goat and the fox are different and resemble the corresponding animal.

You can make the game more difficult by checking the "Exepert mode" where the censor on the animal does not change and only with the clicks and the sound you can find out where it is.

Just be careful, because findtheinvisiblecow as a burnt toy is completely addictive and will eat you all day. If you want other games of this kind visit our website here and you will find a collection of seven completely burned toys.

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