Fireball: 250 millions of infected computers

Fireball: Security researchers have discovered a massive new campaign υ λογισμικού που έχει μολύνει ήδη περισσότερους από 250 εκατομμύρια υπολογιστές σε όλο τον κόσμο, Windows και Mac OS.

The malware is called Fireball and it is an adware package that takes complete control of the victim's browsers turning them into zombies. This allows attackers to spy on the victim's web traffic and potentially steal it their.

Check Point researchers, who discovered this massive malware campaign, linked the company with Rafotech, a Chinese company that claims to offer digital marketing and game applications to 300 millions of customers.

The company is currently using Fireball to monetize advertisements in browsers. This malware can quickly be transformed and cause a huge disaster with major cyber incidents worldwide.

Fireball is accompanied by other free software downloads from the Internet. Once installed, the malicious program installs plugins into the browser so it can manage it. It immediately begins by replacing default search engines and home pages with bogus ones such as trotux [dot] com.

"It is important to remember that when a user installs free software, it does not mean that they are installing additional malware at the same time," say the researchers. "It is possible that Rafotech is using additional distribution methods, such as distributing free software under false names, or spam."Fireball

The fake αναζήτησης απλά ανακατευθύνει τα ερωτήματα του θύματος είτε στο είτε στο και περιλαμβάνει monitoring that collect the victim's information.

Fireball is illegal and can spy on the victim's web traffic. It can execute any malicious code on the infected computers, install -ins, or to execute efficient malware that creates massive security gaps in targeted systems and networks.

"From In this regard, Fireball exhibits excellent cloaking and qualitative evasion techniques, multi-layered structure, and flexible communication with C&C, just like a typical malware does,” the researchers report.

Adware Fireball hits user web traffic to boost advertiser revenue, but also has the ability to distribute additional malicious programs.

"Based on the estimated contamination rate, one in five companies worldwide are vulnerable to a major breach," the researchers added. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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