FireEye researcher is accused of developing Dendroid RAT

To develop and distribute sophisticated malware for Android, Dendroid RAT, a former investigator of the online security company, FireEye, is accused.dendroid malware

The man with the double face, 20 Morgan Culbertson, were working for the security giant, FireEye, while developing, selling and selling the notorious Dendroid Rat. According to documents from the court in charge of the case, the young man is reportedly also selling the source code for malware against the amount of 65.000 dollars.

The sophisticated Android device remote management tool is available through underground forums and black markets, at the 300 dollar price, and was first discovered by Symantec security experts in March of 2004. Dendroid is an HTTP based RAT, with many features and features, allowing anyone with limited experience and knowledge to turn into a trojan any legitimate android app.

Among the features of Dendroid include:

  • Delete call logs
  • Making calls
  • Open web pages
  • Record sound and calls
  • Send messages
  • Download and upload photos and videos
  • Doing DoS attacks

Morgan Culbertson, 20, was spotted by law enforcement in a coordinated operation codenamed Shrouded Horizon, which led to the arrest of 70 black market managers & members, Darkode.

"The US Prosecutor confirmed to Forbes the identity of the accused Morgan Culbertson, who appears on LinkedIn here: According to the case file, 20man was selling malware while working for FireEye, "says Forbes.

Culbertson had worked at FireEye for 12 weeks, serving the team , as a mobile threat researcher. As highlighted by the media, Culbertson could have used από απόρρητες έρευνες της FireEye για να βελτιώσει το λογισμικό του. Οι πληροφορίες στις οποίες ο νεαρός had gained access to during his employment at FireEye could have allowed him to develop a sophisticated anti-detection mechanism.

FireEye has confirmed that Culbertson has been released:

"Culbertson's practice has been suspended pending an internal review of his activities," CNN reported. The charges are serious as according to the FBI the young man is accused of conspiring to distribute u code:

"Culbertson is accused of designing Dendroid, a coded malware designed to remotely access, control, and intercept data from Android-powered mobile phones. Malware is said to be available for sale at Darkode. "

Dendroid is a remote management tool that is completely invisible to the user interface and firmware environment, features APK binder (a tool that allows users to incorporate malware into genuine android applications) and a sophisticated PHP Panel.

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