Firefox 100.0 download before official release

The foundation will officially release Firefox 100.0 in the next few hours. New of the formerof is the continuation of the edition Firefox 57 one of Firefox's biggest releases in browser history.

mozilla, firefox, Firefox 100, iguru

Download it : Firefox 100.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux in Greek.


Download the new version: Firefox 100.0 Final for Windows, Mac and Linux in English.

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mozilla, firefox, Firefox 100, iguru

Written by giorgos

George still wonders what he's doing here ...


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  1. Although I find the number of versions excessive, that is, for every change or addition the version changes, without even being felt by all users, I struggle to stay true to Firefox, so that it can survive as an awe-inspiring rival to the google engine chromium. Why there should be other options and also if at some point google unplugs, I do not know if the forks will be able to continue.

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