Firefox 52 send open tabs from one device to another

According to the development notes of the upcoming Firefox 52 which is already on the channel Beta for testers and web developers, it seems that the young browser will update the technology Firefox Sync to allow us to send our open tabs from one device to another. As an additional function the upcoming Firefox, will apply even stricter safety standards in Cookies.

“The Strict feature Secure Cookies will prevent unsafe pages (http) from posting cookies as secure, and in some cases, will prevent an insecure site from sending cookie with the same name as an existing "secure" cookie from the same basic Strict Secure Cookies, ”Says the Mozilla Foundation.Firefox 52

In addition to the usual security improvements that the forthcoming will bring browser Firefox 52 which will be released in ESR version, will also improve the download experience by showing users notifications when a download fails, will have larger buttons to restart or cancel a download, and access the five most recent downloads, not the three that we knew until today.

Among other security changes, the Firefox 52 promises to reduce download fingerprinting of users by them Trackers by removing the Battery Status API and Netscape downgrade Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) in support for plugins As the Silverlight of Microsoft, Java of OracleAnd Acrobat of Adobe, which will no longer be supported.

For the web developers, The Firefox 52 will have CSS enabled Grid Layout, redesign Responsive Design Mode, as well as display a preview for screen sharing, which will no longer require a list of allowed domains.

The final version of it Firefox 52 will be released on March 7, the 2017, but you can download the latest ones Beta versions for Windows, Linux and MacOS from the following Links:

Youlinux-i686 /
Youlinux-x86_64-EME-free /
Youlinux-x86_64 /
Youmac-EME-free /
Youmac /
Yousource /
Youupdate /
Youwin32-EME-free /
Youwin32-sha1 /
Youwin32 /
Youwin64-EME-free /
Youwin64 /
FilletKEY4K30-Jan-2017 PM23:08
FilletSHA512SUMS482K30-Jan-2017 PM23:08
FilletSHA512SUMS.asc83630-Jan-2017 PM23:08
Filletfirefox-52.0b2.linux-i686.sdk.tar.bz2138M30-Jan-2017 PM23:08
Filletfirefox-52.0b2.linux-x86_64.sdk.tar.bz2138M30-Jan-2017 PM23:08
Filletfirefox-52.0b2.mac-x86_64.sdk.tar.bz2153M30-Jan-2017 PM23:09
Filletfirefox-52.0b2.win32.sdk.zip227M30-Jan-2017 PM23:09
Filletfirefox-52.0b2.win64.sdk.zip229M30-Jan-2017 PM23:09

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