Firefox 52 send open tabs from one device to another

According to the release notes of the upcoming Firefox 52 already on the Beta channel for testers and web developers, it looks like the new browser will update Firefox Sync technology to allow us to send our open tabs from one device to another. As an added feature of the upcoming Firefox, it will also apply more stringent security specifications to Cookies.

"The Strict Secure Cookies feature will prevent insecure pages (http) from sending cookies as secure, and in some cases, will prevent an if site to send with the same name as an existing "secure" cookie from the same Strict Secure Cookies base," the Mozilla Foundation says.Firefox 52

In addition to the usual security improvements that will be brought by the upcoming Firefox 52 browser that will also be released in an ESR version, it will also improve the download experience by showing κοινοποιήσεις όταν μια λήψη αποτύχει, θα διαθέτει μεγαλύτερα κουμπιά για την επανεκ or the of a download, as well as access to the five most recent downloads, rather than the three we knew until now.

Among other security-related changes, Firefox 52 promises to reduce user fingerprinting by trackers by removing the Battery Status API and deprecating Netscape Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) στην υποστήριξη για plugins όπως το Silverlight της Microsoft, Java της Oracle, και which will no longer be supported.

For web developers, Firefox 52 will have support for CSS Grid Layout, redesign of the Responsive Design Mode, as well as display preview for screen sharing, which will no longer require a list of allowed domains.

The final version of Firefox 52 will be released on 7 March, 2017, but you can download the latest Beta versions for Windows, Linux and MacOS from the following Links:

You linux-i686 /
You linux-x86_64-EME-free /
You linux-x86_64 /
You mac-EME-free /
You mac /
You source /
You update /
You win32-EME-free /
You win32-sha1 /
You win32 /
You win64-EME-free /
You win64 /
Fillet KEY 4K 30-Jan-2017 23: 08
Fillet SHA512SUMS 482K 30-Jan-2017 23: 08
Fillet SHA512SUMS.asc 836 30-Jan-2017 23: 08
Fillet firefox-52.0b2.linux-i686.sdk.tar.bz2 138M 30-Jan-2017 23: 08
Fillet firefox-52.0b2.linux-x86_64.sdk.tar.bz2 138M 30-Jan-2017 23: 08
Fillet firefox-52.0b2.mac-x86_64.sdk.tar.bz2 153M 30-Jan-2017 23: 09
Fillet 227M 30-Jan-2017 23: 09
Fillet 229M 30-Jan-2017 23: 09 The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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