Firefox 59: information is deleted from the referrer value

Firefox 59 will reduce the number of visitors' information transmitted to websites in an effort to improve privacy for users using the private browsing feature.
Firefox 59

Today when you click on a link in your browser to find yourself on a new web page, the page you are visiting takes as information the address of the website you came from (clicked) through the so-called "referrer value".

While this helps web site owners understand where their visitors come from. However, the above feature may leak more data about what you are interested in, because it reports on the referral page the exact page you clicked on.

But browsers are a place of gathering and other sensitive information, such as cookies or social media information you prefer. This means that all these built-in content features know exactly which page you're visiting. The websites you visit naturally record this data and some of them sell to advertisers.

From time to time we have some cases that remind us of the importance of this data. In the past, researchers at the Electronic Frontier Foundation found online information from American, which provided data on the age and postal code of users if they were smokers but also information on their income.

To prevent this data leak, Firefox 59 will have an updated private browsing option that will remove any information sent to third parties.

"This change will prevent site owners from collecting user data and making them available to third parties" said the engineer of the Mozilla Foundation in Privacy Luke Crouch.

Users will also be able to change their default referral options to Firefox.

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