Firefox 64.0 has been canceled for Android, 64.0.1 is coming up

Mozilla has canceled the Firefox 64.0 Stable for Android due to a crash bug it discovered. He plans to release Firefox 64.0.1 this week.

Mozilla yesterday released Firefox 64.0 as a stable version. Usually, this means that the new version of Firefox is available for all supported operating systems, desktops and Android.

This time, however, Firefox had no success on Android. Firefox users running the Android browser may have noticed that Mozilla did not release the 64.0 update for them respectively.

A quick check on his registration Firefox on Google Play confirms that it still remained in the 63.0.2 version with the latest update on 7 November 2018. The newest is that Mozilla, according to a list of bugs in Bugzilla.Mozilla, decided to cancel the upgrade for Android due to a collapse error.

The company plans to build Firefox 64.0.1 this week and distribute it as a new version of Firefox to all devices running stable versions of the browser. The news has been confirmed from the Mozilla Wiki.

In other words, Firefox 64.0 is omitted and will not be released for Android. Firefox 64.0.1 will not be released for desktop operating systems but only for Android. If a secondary update is created for everyone, it will probably have the 64.0.2 number.



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