Firefox 65 was released again for Windows users

Last week, Mozilla stopped releasing Firefox 65 for Windows when users of the browser began to report that it received warnings of insecure certificates from antivirus applications.
Firefox 65
When Firefox released 65, users started complaining that they could not browse the web because Firefox was displaying unsafe certificates even on pages that had no problems, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. .

Firefox 65 Why did this happen?

Antiviruses can run SSL or HTTPS scans by installing a root certificate on their computer, which allows them to show secure websites and also detect some malicious activity. With the release of Firefox 65, something changed and this security feature changed he was making mistakes in the certificates.

Due to the large number of complaints received by the Mozilla Foundation, it immediately stopped distributing Firefox 65 to Windows users.

However, as of today, the availability of the browser is working again for all users of the Microsoft operating system.


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