Firefox 66 with Windows support Hello

Firefox 66: The next great update to Firefox will include a new feature for Windows 10 devices: the next browser will support Windows Hello.

Windows Hello is a key feature of Windows 10 and can be used with cameras or fingerprint sensors built into new devices or peripherals that support it.Firefox 66

In addition, Microsoft gives developers all the tools necessary to integrate Windows Hello into their applications. So many applications have already been updated with support for biometric identifiers, such as Enpass, which is currently one of the leading password managers.

Microsoft itself has already added support for Windows Hello to many of its own applications, such as the Microsoft Edge browser.

So the Mozilla Foundation thought of following in Microsoft's footsteps with a similar update - an addition to Firefox.

Once Windows Hello is configured on Windows 10, Firefox will allow you to connect to all your favorite websites by checking your face or fingerprints, provided you have the right hardwreck. The feature is currently under development and should be available to all users with the release of Firefox 66 in the spring.

Needless to say, this option will only be available for Firefox on Windows 10 and as mentioned above, special hardware that can support Windows Hello will be required.

According to Mozilla's release schedule, Firefox 66 should be released for all supported platforms on 19 March. We are currently waiting for an upgrade to the latest stable version of Firefox 65.0.1.




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