Firefox 67.0 (Quantum) download before official release

The Mozilla Foundation will release Firefox 67.0 in the next few hours. The new version of the browser is the sequel to the release Firefox 57 one of Firefox's biggest releases in browser history.
Firefox 67

The new version brings a new feature called WebRender. It is released for the first time to the public with Firefox 67. WebRender, known before and as Quantum Render. Developed by the Mozilla Foundation since the start of the Quantum project.

Mozilla hopes the new feature will greatly improve the performance of Firefox that can run with 60 frames per second. WebRender, according to the company, will use the system processor, delivering incredible performance to the end user.

Download the new version: Firefox 67.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux in English.

Download the new version: Firefox 66.0.5 Final for Windows, Mac and Linux in English.οx/Releases/67


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