Firefox 68 ESR Extended Support Release for Everyone

Mozilla Foundation officially released today the Firefox 68 ESR browser (from Extended Support Release) for all supported platforms, Windows, Linux and Mac.

The popular Firefox browser in the extended support version will not be updated as often as Firefox we know. So if you are one of those who want stability instead of new features, you can try the 68 ESR version.

Firefox 68 ESR

The 68 version extends dark mode and makes controls, toolbars, and sidebars dark as well.

Moreover, the Firefox 68 brings new protections for cryptomining and fingerprinting with stricter content exclusion settings.

Firefox 68 also improves the security of add-ons with the new Recommended Extensions program, which can be found at the internal address about: addons.

For Windows users, Firefox 68 adds WebRender to Windows 10 systems that have AMD Radeon graphics cards and adds support for smart data transfer service (BITS) of Windows to allow the browser to be updated in the background before shutting down.

Firefox 68 will also be the ESR (Extended Support Release) of the browser. This line will receive new features only security updates, and this will last for over a year.

There are many new features for ESR users that will improve your browsing experience in business environments. The extended support version includes an MSI Windows installer, configuration profiles for macOS applications, and the ability to read certificates from the macOS Keychain.

Many new additional security policies have also been added for all platforms.

You can download Firefox 68 ESR for Linux, MacOS and Windows from the following links:

Linux   | Windows x86 (exe) (msi) | Windows x64 (exe) (msi) |  MacOS The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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