Firefox 71 Nightly Kiosk Addition

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox support Kiosk, with extensions, and not intrinsically to date. Finally, Mozilla he added the long-awaited Kiosk feature in the Firefox Nightly browser (Firefox 71).

The browser can now start in full screen using a command-line option.

Kiosk mode is a function of the Windows operating system that allows a single application to run in "real full screen mode", where the navigation bar, context menu, and menu bars are disabled.

Keyboard access is allowed but limited and with the F11 button you cannot access other applications or the Windows desktop.Kiosk mode

As you generally see x when you hover the mouse in full screen mode, it doesn't appear, which makes it difficult to exit Kiosk.

Mozilla took 17 years to implement this feature in its browser as the first bugzilla bugs were reported by 2002. The first phase of Kiosk's implementation of Firefox is similar to that of Chrome, and Mozilla says it will add some Special Features to Firefox in the second phase.

How to run Firefox in Kiosk mode

Make sure you use the version Firefox 71 Nightly
Right-click the browser shortcut on your desktop and create another one called Firefox Kiosk or whatever you want, or create another profile.
Now right click on the shortcut, select Properties, in the tarket field, add "- kiosk" without quotation marks at the end. Then click the apply button.

Note 1: You can even "tell" Firefox to open a specific website in Kiosk mode, so you should add"

Now start Firefox and try Kiosk.

Note 2: If you use the -kiosk -printing parameter, the page will start printing immediately.

Because the F11 button does not work, you will need to use the Alt + F4 keys to close the current tab or window.

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