Firefox Cookie Jar Policy is coming up with a new stricter policy

Firefox Cookie Jar Policy: Mozilla plans to launch a new anti-tracking method in Firefox 65, which will prevent trackers from accessing cookies.

The new policy is specifically designed to limit web tracking while minimizing Internet access issues.

The release (release) of the new feature largely depends on the tests that take place in the Firefox trial versions. The Mozilla Foundation makes one Shield study in Firefox Beta 63 at this time.Firefox Cookie

Firefox Jar Policy uses a list of known trackers collected by Disconnect.

The Mozilla Foundation uses the "basic protection" list by default, but Firefox users can change to the list of strict protection from the path: about: preferences # privacy.

From there, you can block more trackers, which may cause problems on some sites that may be unable to load correctly.

The storage policy

The new feature currently being tested uses the same list as Firefox's Privacy Protection feature. The main change it brings comes in the form of a new policy that blocks access to cookies and site storage for some trackers.

Specifically, if the new policy is enabled, the following occurs:

Cookie request headers are blocked and Set-Cookie response headers are ignored.
Empty strings are returned to Document.cookie and set cookies request using Document.cookie are ignored.
The efforts to read and write to localStorage and IndexedDB are blocked.
Reading and writing tests in sessionStorage are allowed.
BroadcastChannel, SharedWorder, and ServiceWorker creation attempts are blocked.
CacheStorage calls are blocked.
The HTTP cache and Image cache are separated to identify resources.

Enable the new Firefox Cookie Jar policy

Firefox users can enable the new policy in Firefox pre-releases. We'll update as soon as the feature is available in fixed browser versions. If the tests go well, we may see the new feature in the 65 Stable version of Firefox.

The Mozilla Foundation allegedly added a new value to the browser's network.cookie.cookieBehavior address. So there is a setting that supports 4 and allows for new behavior.

about: config? filter = network.cookie.cookieBehavior

Promise Firefox that you will be careful, and set the price to 4.

Prices from 1-4 mean:

Price 1 - Block all third party cookies.
Price 2 - Block all cookies.
Value 3 - Block cookies from unvisitable websites.
Value 4 - New cookie policy that prevents storage on trackers)

Firefox Cookie Jar Policy Restrictions

The Mozilla Foundation says that blocking some trackers may hinder the proper operation of certain websites. To limit the phenomenon, Firefox only allows trackers to be saved if the user visits such websites
The granted storage access automatically expires after 30 days per site. If a tracker has access to multiple sites, expiration dates are treated independently of each other.

The new Cookie Jar Policy improves user privacy when enabled.
Operation is still under development and we will see changes. Firefox users and Webmasters who want to learn more about the new feature can read more on the page Mozilla Developer.


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