Firefox starts support for QUIC + HTTP / 3

Support for QUIC and HTTP / 3 has been officially announced for Firefox Nightly and Beta build, and will be officially released with the upcoming firmware release of Firefox 88.

HTTP / 3 as a new QUIC-based HTTP protocol standard launches in Firefox. It aims to provide better performance and reliability on the web, but of course it also requires a compatible web server.

Η and Facebook is one of the most important web destinations that already supports HTTP / 3.

Mozilla's Dragana Damjanovic announced on the blog on Friday mozilla hacks,

"Support for QUIC and HTTP / 3 is now enabled by default on Firefox Nightly and Firefox Beta channels. We plan to start releasing Firefox Stable Release 88. HTTP / 3 will be available by default by the end of May. ”

Firefox 88 is expected to be released on April 19. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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