Firefox Monitor available for everyone

The Mozilla Foundation has announced the release of Firefox Monitor. This is a free service that has been tested since the summer and it informs Firefox users (and not only) if they have leaked their data to the Internet.

Firefox Monitor is the product of a collaboration with Troy Hunt, the creator of 'Have I Been Pwned,' and to work with the site's API.

The way the "new" service works will be familiar to anyone who has used the Troy Hunt website, Have I Been Pwned. Users simply enter their email addresses into Firefox Monitor and the new service will search for email with a list of existing data breaches. In case he discovers something he will inform the interested party about whether his data is circulating on the internet. Firefox Monitor

The purpose of Firefox Monitor is to allow users to respond in a timely manner to data breaches, giving them the opportunity to take precautions to stop further surprises with a change of passwords and activation of 2FA authentication.

Although Firefox Monitor does nothing more than what the 'Have I Been Pwned' page does, it has the tool to a much larger audience. Firefox is already installed on hundreds of millions of computers and too many of the users using Mozilla's browser have no idea if their data is freely available on the Internet.

The Mozilla Foundation has promised to provide a complete end-user security and privacy tool this autumn and the Firefox Monitor seems to be the first to be released.

See the new service.


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