Firefox new logo but not browser

In addition to the Firefox browser, Mozilla also has the file sharing service Firefox Send, the service for violations notifications Firefox Monitor and a special one password manager with the name Firefox Lockbox.

For all of this Firefox product collection, Mozilla has created a new logo.

"Firefox that you know as a browser extends to cover a family of products and services that come together by putting you and your personal data first," said Mozilla's artistic director Tim Murray.

“Firefox is a browser and encrypted service for sending huge files. It's an easy way to protect your passwords on each device AND will give you a timely warning if your email is part of a data breach. ”

“Safe, private, eye-opening. That's just the beginning of the new Firefox family. ”


Earlier this week, Mozilla CEO Chris Beard announced that the company is preparing a VPN service called Firefox, as well as a storage service. The new package will be a subscription, for those who want it, and free of charge for those who do not have many requirements.

The company previously collaborated with ProtonVPN in an effort to raise revenue, but the overwhelming majority of profits from Firefox come from the sale of the default search engine.

So Google at the moment seems to be one of the biggest funders of the company. Although the former Mozilla executive accused directly Google for deliberately and systematically sabotaging Firefox from the past decade to boost Chrome adoption.

Let's see how Mozilla's rebranding will go, and if the way it chose (security and privacy) can hit the adoption of Google Chrome when the majority of Internet users seem to be completely indifferent to their security. 

However, we can not fail to mention that Mozilla, which seems to invest in privacy protection, uses Google Search as the default search engine.

For laughs and for crying….



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