Firefox Nightly with extension suggestions

The Mozilla Foundation is testing a new feature in Firefox Nightly that suggests extensions to users when they visit specific pages on the Internet.

The feature with the necessary extensions suggestions is deactivated by default, and if you are interested, you must turn it on.Firefox Nightly

Firefox Nightly: Why Extensions Suggestions?

Extensions that Firefox will recommend may improve the user experience on the pages that are necessary. They may for example block ads, enhance or improve search functionality .

Firefox users who use Nightly can remember that four years ago Mozilla tried again with the extensions recommendations, but we never saw the final version.

Firefox displays “suggestion” and a puzzle icon in the browser's address barτος περιήγησης όταν επισκέπτεστε κάποια which needs the relevant extension. The "suggestion" goes away automatically after some time, but the puzzle icon remains in the Firefox address bar.

It's not clear how Mozilla's suggested extensions are selected and are thoroughly reviewed before they are suggested by the browser. The suggestion of a Mozilla browser's Mozilla browser's privacy extension could bring too many trust issues to the app's friends.
So obviously the recommendations should not be based only on evaluations from the public, but also on evaluators' evaluations.

The extension recommended by Firefox can be installed very easily by clicking on the puzzle icon. A small overlay of the page that looks like the plugin installation dialog will appear. That's where it appears of the extension and the extension developer, a short description, a link to more information, the rating, and the number of users who have rated the extension.

You will be able to select "add now" or "not now" for the installation.

Firefox displays another prompt that lists the permissions of the extension requests and options to add them to the browser or to cancel the process.

To enable the feature (Firefox Nightly is required), follow the instructions below:

Open the internal address:


If it does not open, you have not reopened the address about: config.
Open it and accept the box that will open.
Then search for "browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.asrouterExperimentEnabled" in the search box
Double-click the name to change the value from False to True. Immediately afterwards you can restart Firefox.

The functionality of the new feature is being tested right now, but that does not mean we'll definitely see it in a future version of Firefox. The function may sound useful to you and not. I personally see the feature as another add-on to the profit-oriented browser. Extension suggestions can earn profits at the Mozilla Foundation.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle is that the Mozilla Foundation is that it should only recommend extensions that do not violate user privacy, affect performance, and do not pose security issues.

Extension recommendations tested in Firefox Nightly are mostly useful for those who do not use any add-ons. According to the institution's statistics this figure reaches 60%.
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