Firefox with ProtonVPN, new Mozilla collaboration

The Mozilla Foundation has launched testing today VPN in Firefox in cooperation with the Swiss company ProtonVPN to some users from the United States.

Yes, the Mozilla Foundation did not develop a VPN network but will work with ProtonVPN to use its own network.Firefox

The trials started on October 22 2018 in the United States on a sample Firefox 62 user. We do not know how to select the users who were asked to try the service, but the lucky ones will be able to visit pages, and watch streaming encrypted through Firefox.
The subscription price is the same as the price paid by users for a monthly ProtonVPN subscription when they subscribe to the service.

We do not know at this time whether Firefox users will have a version of the ProtonVPN monthly price.
The package that will be used by Firefox will give browser users access to a full VPN that they can apply to their entire system and not just to the browser.

Critics could say Mozilla is using ads because Firefox may be recommending users to sign up for ProtonVPN.
But as we do it, VPNs improve privacy and security while browsing.

At present, as mentioned above, the details of the new service (such as cost) have not been revealed, and so it is not clear whether the Mozilla Foundation will earn recurring subscription revenue or receive a single one-time payment.

We should mention that 10 dollars per month is a fairly high price for a VPN, since you can have reliable services with half the money. So if the Mozilla Foundation is able to offer a better price, it would be very good for Firefox users.

Of course, the ideal would be if the Mozilla Foundation created its own VPN, but that costs.


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