Firefox Quantum Fast Like Chrome?

Upcoming Firefox Quantum or Firefox in the 57 version will be twice as fast as previous versions of Firefox, according to the Mozilla Foundation Developing the Browser.

Mozilla has decided to name Firefox 57, Firefox Quantum, to highlight the changes in speed in this release. The new browser will be released on November 14 2017 if everything goes well with the development schedule.Firefox Quantum

The Mozilla Foundation has reportedly used its (its) benchmark Speedometer 2.0 to compare it Firefox 52, a version of Firefox was released in March of 2017, with Firefox 57 or Firefox Quantum a version currently available only on the Beta and Developer channel.

We should mention that SpeedNet 2.0 is still under development, but the results show that many things have been improved in Firefox 57 compared to earlier versions of the browser.

A publishing on the official blog Mozilla reveals how developers have made Firefox Quantum so fast. One of the key changes is the efficient use of the multi-core CPU, for example, when you open multiple pages.

This improved use of computer hardware makes Firefox Quantum dramatically faster. But the upcoming Firefox will include other improvements, always according to the Mozilla Foundation, such as priorities in the tabs running in the foreground, and a multi-process architecture.

According to Mozilla, the upcoming version fixes 468 bugs detected by Firefox developers.

Let's see, will Firefox ever get close to Google Chrome? A bit difficult, and according to others impossible, as for this Firefox will have to be rewritten from the beginning, and then it will not be Firefox… The video below shows a parallel comparison of loading times.

But let us be wary of benchmarks created by organizations or companies that present and market their products.

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