Firefox Quantum, Firefox Browser comes and goes

The Firefox web browser has changed some names since the first experimental build of 2002 was released.

Mozilla originally used the name Phoenix, but had to give up because of a dispute with Phoenix Technologies. He then used the name Firebird, and when he later decided to give it up, he used the name Firefox, which is the third and last name of the browser for a very long time.

Its release Firefox 57 brought in another name change, or better yet, an add-on after Mozilla named the Firefox Quantum browser with this release.

The name Quantum was chosen because at the time to promote new browser technologies that greatly improved Firefox performance. The ultimate goal of the new brand name, of course, was to reverse the trend of Firefox users abandoning Chrome.


As you can see in the picture above, the about screen of today's browser still mentions the name Quantum.

From Firefox 70 onwards the Quantum name will no longer appear in the about and the Mozilla browser will simply be referred to as the Firefox Browser. The name Firefox Browser already appears in the Nightly and Developer versions.

As you will see in the picture below, besides the name Mozilla also launches a new logo:


The new logo chosen by Mozilla for the Firefox browser will slowly appear on the download page, as well as on the official Mozilla website.

Why Firefox Browser and not Firefox Quantum or just Firefox? It was clear from the start of Quantum that it was just a temporary name to highlight the major changes to new versions of the browser.

A simple Firefox name wouldn't make sense anymore, as there are a bunch of projects using the Firefox brandname. Mozilla is already developing the projects Firefοx Monitor, Firefοx Send, Firefοx Lockwise and plans to launch Firefox Proxy in the future.

So to distinguish the browser, Mozilla uses the browser name.

Mozilla plans to show the changes with the release of the fixed version of Firefox 70. The company plans to release the new version on 23 October of 2019 according to timetable.

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