How to get screenshots in Firefox without add-ons

Ο Firefox it has dozens of addons that make your life easier. But there are built-in functions in the browser. There are quite a few who do not know that they can execute simple commands through their browser. We'll start with a simple tutorial that shows you how to get a screenshot from an open page without using an add-on.

Follow these steps:

Open Firefox and press the keys together Shift + F2. A small command window will open at the bottom of your screen.
Type the following command inside it:


screenshot FirefoxPress the Enter key. Your screenshot is ready, and you will find it in the default download folder. You'll see a notification in the lower left corner of Firefox telling you that your image has been saved.

You can customize the behavior of the screenshot command by supporting additional commands such as:

screenshot filename

The command allows you to specify the file name, the image. The file name should have the .png extension.

screenshot - chrome

The command will get an image that will contain the entire screen. By default, the image being saved contains only the content of the page and not the entire screen.

screenshot --fullpage

The command will list the entire web page, even the one you need to use the scroll to see it.

Tip: If you have a problem with screenshot commands, try to start Firefox in Safe Mode. The path is as follows: File / New Private Browsing Window.

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