Firefox Send now also for Android devices

Firefox Send: Mozilla has finally released the encrypted file transfer application for Android devices, almost two weeks after the official launch of the application for desktops.

Firefox Send is now available on Android-powered devices and features are pretty much the same as the application desktop.

Firefox Send, is a free, encrypted file sharing service accessible to all browsers in
Firefox Send
How does it work

Without having to log in or create a new Firefox account, you can use Firefox Send to upload files up to 1GB. The application will return you a link that you can share with other users.

This allows you to send all files stored on your phone, such as photos, videos or PDFs, while giving you access to all files stored in your other cloud accounts, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, if of course are synced to your device.

Once you have selected your files, click "upload" and copy the link that will appear after the end of the process. With share you can instantly share your content across many applications, such as Gmail, Twitter and Slack.

So far so good. But if you use the app without being connected to a Firefox account you will have some limitations. For example, you may only allow one download from a shared link before it expires and the expiration date is no longer than one day.

If you do not want these restrictions, you will be prompted to create a Firefox account or connect with someone you already have. In this way, you can upload and share files up to 2GB.

Try the app on your Android



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