LibreOffice is celebrating its fifth birthday

The Document Foundation is celebrating five years since the first edition of the famous LibreOffice office suite, now regarded as the only Microsoft Office contender.

libreoffice 5 years

At the time was still the king of open source office software, some developers wanted to do something different, and at 28 September, 2010 was launching a new program named LibreOffice.

This program really took off and it's hard to think of a desktop application suite for the Linux platform without LibreOffice coming to mind right away.

These last five years they did very well for the Document Foundation if we consider that his office suite has begun to penetrate difficult markets such as city and government administrations.

To celebrate the 5 anniversary of LibreOffice's people, he took out a book based on the blog post of his creators, which is available in a mini version (700 pages) and one maxi version (1.300 pages)

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