Set up dynamic dns on your router

Dynamic DNS Most users with an internet connection also have a dynamic IP, no matter which provider they use. And if you do not know what you have, you probably use a dynamic IP because those who have a stable IP pay more than ordinary mortals and logically do not know about it.dns, dynamic, router

And for those who do not know the terms ip, dynamic, stable, we mention that every internet connection is characterized by a code number of the form, where x is a number from 0 to 9. It is something like ID number of each of us. Each connection has a different IP for each time. Of course some combinations of numbers are not found in ips, as well as the range of ips that each country has is specific but these do not concern us today. We mention it mainly for any critics on the accuracy of our speech.

Each user can have a static IP (stable ip) connection, that is to have a specific combination of numbers that will never change and always represent the same specific user. This exclusivity costs a little more and raises the value of the monthly cost of your internet connection and that's why it is only preferred by professionals of the kind. While dynamic ip (dynamic ip) is this connection where your provider provides you with a random ip each time you connect to the internet through a range of available ips that you have and who can change it whenever and as many times as you want without informs you.

However, there are times when you want to connect remotely with your computer, either with the familiar application of windows, the remote desktop, or with another your own program, such as a vnc or ftp, or even make your computer server to someone can connect with you automatically.

Nice so far but how can this be done if your ip is constantly changing? Your friend will not know what ip to write to connect to your system since your ip can change numbers at any time. The solution to this problem is usually given by the routers (router), ie the box with the bulbs that we have at home and it has been provided to us by the provider with whom we have a contract. And we usually say because most of these devices support dynamic operation dns.

All you have to do is connect to your router through a browser (usually the routers have an or or, etc. The exact number can be found in your router's instruction booklet).

dns, dynamic, router

Look for a point in your router menu that is referred to as "dynamic dns". It may be under the tools submenu or something related. Unfortunately each router has its own special menu and we can not fully inform you about the route to follow until you find the point that interests us.

In dynamic dns you will see that your router has ready-made fields in which it can accept choices regarding Internet services that specialize in dynamic ips. Ours, this is a Thomson brand router gives us the right to connect directly with one of the services dyndns, statdns, no-ip, DtDNS, gnudip as well as a custom, one off list that we will set it up for ourselves.

dns, dynamic, router

The above services, others that are paid and others completely free (such as no-ip, DtDNS) do the following:

  • Every time our ip changes our router after first connecting to the internet and getting the new ip then communicates with the service we have set it up and tells us what ip has at that time.
  • This service has made a commitment to us a domain name of the type. Of course, we have primarily registered with this service and we have chosen a domain name that we like and can remember.
  • The service each time corresponds to the domain that has been committed to us with the ip that has been declared by our router and so our friend has only to write domain and connect to our computer.

This is a great convenience, so we know at any time that with a commonly memorable name we can connect remotely with our computer and this is done simply through our router, without having to run a similar program on our computer and only to connect with him.

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dns, dynamic, router

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