fixDows call for Q&A creation has one very strong community (group) on Facebook. The knowledge of the community collectively has not left any questions unanswered to date, to users who have difficulty with anything on their computer.

But we all know what a Facebook group means. The posts overlap, making it difficult for them to be used by someone with the same or a similar problem. fixed

So we created a new database and we are looking for people who can help set up a new support page that will be free for anyone who has a problem with their computer.

Those who are interested can send an email to and we will give them access to the Q&A page we created.

What to write?

Whatever you want, from the simplest e.g. what is a social network, up to the most complex problem, along with the answer.

The goal is to create a base, before we publish the site for everyone. Of course a necessary condition is to have an appetite for knowledge sharing. The site will not open unless there is a satisfactory Q&A number as a basis.

The core team will be able to communicate via Slack.


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