Floppy disks the airline industry the biggest customer

Tom Persky, the founder of floppydisk.com, who claims to be the "last man in the floppy disk business," said the airline industry is one of his biggest customers. He talked about it in the new book “Floppy Disk Fever: The Curious Afterlives of a Flexible Medium” by Niek Hilkmann and Thomas Walskaar. Business Insider he says:

Floppy disks, Floppy disks

“My biggest customers – and where the most money comes from – are the industrial users,” said Persky, in a book interview published in Eye On Design last week.

“These are people who use floppy disks as a way to get information in and out of a machine. Imagine it's 1990 and you're building a large industrial machine of one kind or another. You design it to last 50 years and you want to use the best technology available.”

Persky added:

“Take the airline industry for example. Probably half the air fleet in the world today is more than 20 years old and still uses floppy disks in some systems. He is a huge consumer.”

He also said that the medical field still uses floppy disks, and then there are the "hobbyists" who want to "buy ten, 20 or maybe 50 floppy disks."

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Floppy disks, Floppy disks

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