Unbelievable graphics from Weather Channel for Hurricane Florence

The Weather TV network in his effort to warn of the impending dangers of Hurricane Florence he created several videos with incredible mixed reality.

Meteorologist Greg Postel presented a mixed reality video from the Weather Channel about the risk of rising water levels due to Hurricane Florence. The video shows in real time the risk of rising water levels that are already rising in various Carolina as Hurricane Florence begins to batter the coast. The typhoon is moving slowly and is expected to bring deadly storms to the region as well as torrential rains.

The Weather Channel, surpassing the simple paintings and numbers, took a step further, putting the graphics art of video games and using mixed reality, and showed how the hurricane would evolve and how the water would rise around the camera meteorologists. It is a very informative and impressive video as it clearly shows that the waters will reach the height of the presenter.

Mixed reality graphics were created in collaboration with the company  The Future Group, which took advantage of Unreal Engine, a popular video game development platform.

Weather Channel had also used the impressive technique of mixed reality to explain how to protect yourself from a hurricane by depicting a PPC column in the studio, a car falling in front of the presenter, and woods nailing on the walls.

See the two videos in this article.

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