Focus Bari: Greeks are skeptical about Artificial Intelligence

According to the new research conducted in Greece by Focus Bari | YouGov and 17 other countries through the YouGov network, key findings show that:


  • The prevailing feeling of the world towards Artificial Intelligence in Greece, but also in all countries is skepticism
  • Concerns about what will happen if the evolution of Artificial Intelligence spirals out of human control are prevalent, as well as…
  • The fear of being in the "wrong hands"
  • Those who know more about Artificial Intelligence have a more positive view and expectations compared to those who do not have enough relevant information about the capabilities of TN
  • The positives of Artificial Intelligence are the revolutionary positive changes it will bring to people's daily lives, as well as the "transformation" it is expected to bring to several industries, such as medicine, e-commerce, industry, despite the fact that…
  • The human factor and the human approach are considered necessary / irreplaceable in a number of traditional industries
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See the full presentation of the research here (PDF)

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