Focus Mode by Google: what it is and how to turn it on

We knew that Google was developing a new Chrome feature called "Focus Mode", but until now we did not know its purpose.

As it was discovered in reddit, Focus Mode for Google Chrome is now available in Canary versions of the browser. Focus Mode

The Canary Chrome versions are the trial versions released by Google for developers. Many of the features of these editions have experimental features before being included in the standard release.

What is Focus Mode?

Google Chrome focuses on tabs, and you can access the feature simply by right-clicking on the tab of your choice.

With this feature, Google offers Chrome users an easy option to open webpages on separate windows running through their own process. At the moment we do not know to offer some extra features, so it seems to be a new and simplified Google Chrome window.

How to Turn on Focus Mode

If you want to try focusing on Google Chrome, you will need to install the Canary version from 75.0.3740.0 onwards.

Then open the internal address:

chrome :/ / flags

and find the flag you will use:

# focus-mode

Alternatively, open the following internal address:

chrome: // flags / # focus-mode

Google Chrome Canary has the feature but is turned off. To enable it, click the drop-down menu and select Enabled. You will need to restart your browser to see the changes.

At the moment, we do not know when Google plans to release the focus feature in the stable version of Chrome, but there is a chance we can see the new feature in the next version expected to be released on April 23.


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