Football Manager 2020, Watch Dogs 2, and Stick it for free from Epic Games

Epic Games has 3 free games through the Epic Games Store for this week. Football Manager 2020, Watch Dogs 2 and Stick it to The Man games will be available for free until September 24, 2020 at Epic Games Store.

You will need to download the Epic Games Store to your device and sign up for a free account to claim the games, but that is the only hurdle in the whole process.

Once logged in, scroll down to the free games section on the home page. There you will find the latest free games.

All you have to do is click on the game you are interested in to open the Epic Games Store page. You will find the "get" button and the price should appear "free". Press the download button and follow the process to complete the "purchase". You do not have to pay anything to receive the game, and you do not have to enter the payment details.

Just select "order" and agree to a refund and the right of withdrawal to complete the process.

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