Hacked Forbes! The Syrian Electronic Army struck again

The Forbes website appears to have been hacked by the notorious Syrian Electronic Army hacking group. A post titled "Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army" that appeared suddenly, announced the fact to unsuspecting visitors, journalists and webmasters. Articles started to get more and more and under different faces each time.

So there have been publications by journalists Andy Greenberg, Matthew Herper, John Dobosz and Steve Forbes. This may mean that hackers have access to multiple accounts, or only to one with management rights.
Later the softpedia who came in contact with them reported that the hackers gained access to the wordpress management panels used by Forbes.
It's another successful attack on a high-profile target by the team who knows how to crack phishing emails.

The team Syrian Electronic Army, it seems that it has not only violated the Forbes website but also 3 Twitter accounts belonging to journalists. The accounts @samsharf, @ForbesTech and @TheAlexKnapp is under the guise of the chektists. At the time of writing, only Samantha Sharf's account is showing messages from them Syrian Electronic Army (Syrian Electronic Army Was Here).

In addition to posting the journalists, the hackers have not caused any other damage to the famous journalistic website. The reason for the attack on Forbes is because its journalists have published too many articles against their group (SEA) and against Syria.

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