Charge your iPhone with water [MWC 2013]


You are in the desert. You have warmed, thirsty and worst of all, your cell phone has been left out of battery. You discover that you have some drops of water in a bottle that you have not seen before. How are you? 1) Do you drink or 2) Do you use them to charge your cell phone?

The Powertekk is a portable charger, to which you can add a few ml of water and in turn charge your device completely silently.

The 1.500 mAh battery can take 5 watt to USB to charge a small device like a mobile phone.

Are you wondering if you would need such a charger? The idea is that it is too light (just 30 grams) so you can take it with you anywhere from mountaineering to holidays to a place where there is no electricity without worrying about sunshine or not. And what if you do not have access to water? Then, you probably have more trouble than to charge your iPhone.

Those you are interested in can join the list from here and get notified when the product is released.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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