Fortnite hacked millions of bills for V-Bucks

Epic Games, the Fortnite game maker, silently removed a vulnerability from its infrastructure, allowing hackers to access users' accounts with incredible ease.

Vulnerability was detected by security researchers Israeli company Security Check Point, which cited the issue privately in Epic Games last year.


"We reported the vulnerability in early November, and by the end of November it had been fixed," said Oded Vanunu, a Check Point researcher at ZDNet.
Vulnerability was in fact a combination of many errors in different parts of the company's infrastructure and some were not related to Fortnite.

Watch the video:

To make a successful attack, users should click on a malicious link to Epic Games. Of course, vulnerability has broken children, who as less experienced users could not identify the dangerous parameters that contained the link.

"It was not an advanced attack at all, and it was very simple to execute in the background," Vanunu said. "Stealing connection tokens is one of the most common ways to attack."

Of course, Fortnite's accounts are all at risk. Since June of 2018, it has been reported that over nine million accounts of this game have been hacked by hackers.

Why this game? Originally because it's popular.

On the other hand, Fortnite's V-Bucks are known to be used to launder (real) money from cybercriminals. And it's not just cyber criminals chasing the V-Bucks. Teens go into the process of hacking bills by stealing one another.

In many cases, hackers do not mind Fortnite's accounts, as they only want players' money.


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