Forvo hear how to pronounce a word or phrase in 330 languages

Forvo is a free online service that helps you learn how words are pronounced in any of the 330 + languages ​​they support.

Forvo has a site hosting a community with people from around the world who use the service to learn how to pronounce certain words or phrases.

The service claims to maintain the largest spoken database with over 4 million words in more than 330 different languages.forvo

So if you want to learn how a word is spoken in another language, you can type the word or phrase in the search form on the home page. Using the search button will return the results.

The search results page lists the available languages ​​as well as some idioms, if any. The service also offers translations, map views and options to add your own pronunciation.

You can propose modifications, add languages, add categories or report errors.

The Forvo service can help anyone who speaks a foreign language or wants to learn a foreign language by greatly improving pronunciation. The words and phrases that are heard from the service come from natural speakers, and are not the product of mechanical learning or algorithms. This ensures that you have exact pronunciations every time you use the service.

One of the very positive things is that you do not need an account to use the service. Forvo is a great advantage for those who speak a foreign language and have doubts about pronunciation.

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