Free Software Community of the National Technical University of Athens

The NTUA Free Software Community is a group of students aiming at the dissemination and promotion of free software at the National Technical University of Athens. Its purpose is not to promote a specific free operating system, nor to oppose a company or proprietary software package.NTUA Free Software Community

The community seeks the dissemination of free software in the Polytechnic with its online and physical presence in it, offering technical support to anyone interested but also organizing at regular intervals relevant activities and events.


NTUA Free Software Community: What does it offer?

The NTUA Free Software community offers many services for NTUA and non-NTUA students, supported by its own members. Main part of the community is her room at the Polytechnic. Everyone can arrange presentations, workshops, and even work on a project in the room (as long as there is consultation with someone keyboardist to keep the room open).

You can also:

Here we discuss community issues, the Polytechnic, free software, and more. Here you can also ask for help for any related problem you have!
  • to find out about the activities of our fellow students at mailing list
The general and easy way to communicate with the whole Free Software Community. Here anyone can announce what they want about the community and free software
  • to Read Articles in wiki
articles are written by students for students. If you think you have knowledge to add to the wiki, you are free to make any addition you want.
XMPP is an open IM communication protocol. With this you can communicate with other people online, for free and securely through the server.
Instructions for GitLab and for git.

all based on Free Software / Open Source Software.

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