Fox-IT: NSA's Quantum Attack Detection Tools

Security researchers have developed a method to breaches by the NSA's Quantum. Fox-IT have developed and provide free open source tools to detect duplicate HTTP packets, which have different data sizes, which are the main features of the Quantum Insert attack.nsa operations center Quantum

Η Quantum Insert, είναι μια τεχνική hacking που χρησιμοποιείται από τις υπηρεσίες πληροφοριών, και εκτέθηκε για πρώτη φορά από τον Edward Snowden. Ουσιαστικά είναι μια επίθεση “ανακατεύθυνσης HTML” και λειτουργεί με έγχυση κακόβουλου περιεχομένου σε ένα συγκεκριμένο TCP session. Η συνεδρία (session) που έχει επιλεγεί για την έγχυση (injection), χρησιμοποιεί ένα μόνιμο cookie s that is specified in the person we are interested in.

You can see more details about the attack from its official website Fox-IT.
Anyone able to monitor networks and send fake packages can perform Quantum attacks, although in practice it is much easier for governments.

So it's not just the NSA and GCHQ in the UK who use the attack. China has recently reportedly used this type of attack, as we reported in the publication for Great Cannon.

"Detection is possible through searches for duplicate TCP packets, which have different payloads, and other anomalies in TCP streams," explained Lennart Haagsma, analyst networks at Fox-IT, adding that several countermeasures are already available in addition to the new detection tools they developed.

"Using HTTPS in conjunction with TGV can reduce the effectiveness of the QI [Quantum Insert] attack. "Also, using a content distribution network (CDN) that offers low latency can make it very difficult for a QI package to win the battle with the real server," said the researcher.

Οι διαρροές από τον Snowden περιλαμβάνουν μια διαφάνεια από την Communications Security Establishment που περιγράφει πώς γίνεται η ανίχνευση επιθέσεων Quantum Insert, και είναι ένα χρήσιμο highlighted by Fox-IT. detect_qi


Transparency helped the company from the Netherlands in its path to develop Quantum Insert-sniffing tools.

See the presentation video The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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