Foxconn froze hiring and blame falls on iPhone 5


According to the Financial Times, Foxconn froze its hiring in its factories in China because it slows the production of iPhone 5. It is the first freeze hiring after 2009 and they believe that Apple's "reduced demand" is responsible. However, are Apple really arresting devices for freezing?

Foxconn's spokesman, Liu Kun, said none of the factories had a recruitment plan and that the company would stop them by the end of March.

Back to 2009, 800.000's workforce was 1,2, but it rose to 5 by millions last year due to the iPhone XNUMX. Now, they are blaming the "reduced demand" of the device, because Foxconn no longer needs other workers.

Does it really blame the iPhone 5?

No, according to Liu, where he told Bloomberg that the decision has nothing to do with the production of the iPhone 5. Liu said that more employees returned to the company than expected after the Chinese New Year break, so they were forced to not to take them all.

In China, workers usually change jobs after stopping for New Year's Eve, so employers are preparing for staff shortages when people decide not to go to work again in the same place. However, Foxconn returned more than last year and the company did not expect it.

So ultimately it is not blame for iPhone 5 and its "reduced demand". But it is rather the blame for the way the system works in China.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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