Foxconn has already started production of iWatch and has an OLED display [Reputation]


Apple does not like OLED screens. It uses LCD IPS screens on its devices, which offer better color accuracy than OLEDs. In theory, however, OLEDs are more energy-efficient than LCDs, so a new report has made the appearance of today that Apple wants to select an OLED display for iWatch, which Foxconn has already begun to produce.

The report comes from the Taiwanese Economic Daily News and wants Apple to test 1.5-inch OLED displays for iWatch.

These screens have been manufactured by RiTdisplay using glass with built-in sensors instead of a separate multitouch surface. This will help iWatch stay thin and leave plenty of free space for a bigger battery.

In addition, Economic Daily News claims that Foxconn has already begun producing the watch. Apple has already made the first orders, but the number of tracks is not big, but there is more to be done to test the device, and they also want to see how easy it can be for mass production.

If the rumors are true then Apple is going to still make a big leap in technology. The screens of the current smartphone are all e-ink, which Apple would never use, because it is not as beautiful as an OLED. And using OLEDs is obviously more difficult, otherwise they would have already done enough.

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