Foxit Reader 12.0 New Edition Free for Everyone

Foxit Software today released the new Foxit Reader 12.0, a new major release of free PDF reader software for the Windows environment.

Foxit Reader is a light and fast utility for reading PDF files. PDF (Portable Document Format) is today one of the most widely used document formats on the Internet. The problem is that Adobe Reader is bulky and slow.

Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader on the other hand is very light and fast. This becomes immediately apparent once you try it or compare the installation file of Foxit Reader that is just 12MB versus the huge Acrobat.

The new version brings new features and improvements to security and stability.

Foxit Reader 9

Those of you who are already using it can check for new updates by clicking Help - Check for Updates.

Those who do not use it and want to try it, can download it from the official website of Foxit Software.

The new features introduced by Foxit Reader 12.0 can be divided into usability and security features. Application users export digital signatures and Foxit Reader's MSI package comes with Enterprise Security features such as Windows Information Protection (WIP) and support for Microsoft's V2 IRM PDF specifications.

The new app allows too many keyboard shortcuts, such as auto zoom, new search and tagging commands, and more.

Some of these features (supports up to 100 shortcuts) need to be enabled. You can do this from the path File - Preferences - General - Use accelerators or File - Preferences - General - Use single-key accelerators

In the manual they refer all the features and shortcuts you can use.

Download the application (the FREE version) The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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