Learn online and free the basics of JavaScript

If you are interested in her free lessons of JavaScript programming then check it out Ultimate Courses website pronounced 63 donation courses for beginners.


In total, the courses are 7 hours long and consist of 63 modulesa. They introduce you to the basics of JavaScript. Whether you're a beginner and want to learn JavaScript, or you want to brush up on your knowledge, these free courses allow you to learn it on your own . Don't forget that the JavaScript is currently the most popular language among developers around the world.

All lessons are presented in short sectional videos, ranging from a few minutes to 15 minutes and include the following topics:

  • ES2015 and beyond
  • Variables and Scoping
  • Strings, Numbers and Booleans
  • Conditional Statements
  • Operators
  • Modules
  • Arrays and Objects
  • Functions and Closures
  • Loops and Iteration

Η γλώσσα φυσικά είναι στα Αγγλικά, αλλά θεωρούμε ότι όποιος θέλει να μάθει προγραμματισμό θα πρέπει τουλάχιστον να γνωρίζει την αγγλική. Θα χρειαστεί να δημιουργήσετε έναν λογαριασμό για να δείτε τα μαθήματα αυτά. Το μόνο που χρειάζεται να παρέχετε είναι το επώνυμο, η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου, η χώρα και ο ταχυδρομικός ς (εκτός από το email τα υπόλοιπα μπορούν να είναι και ψευδώνυμα). Προχωρήστε κανονικά στην αγορά των μαθημάτων που έχουν value, as if you were buying something with .

The videos are comprehensive, with audio and video, and clear explanations and examples (although some knowledge of key terms such as API, which are used but not explained, would be helpful). As often happens, Mr also offers paid JavaScript courses as well as other programming languages.

You can also find more courses for both Javascript and other languages from here.

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