FreeCAD 0.18.1 free CAD for those who are interested

FreeCAD is an open source CAD application that has as its main objective the mechanical development and the industrial design.

This is aided by a modular design that allows too many configurations to be used in other applications.


FreeCAD is written in , and if you know Python you can extend it and automate many of the daily tasks you perform.

The application can import and export many common file formats for 3D objects. Its modular architecture makes it very easy to extend its basic functionality with various plug-ins.

FreeCAD has many options built into its graphical interface. Briefly mention the sketcher and renderer as well as a simulation feature .

FreeCAD is under active development and its source code hosted on GitHub is available as open source software under LGPL.

Are you interested in the application and want to read more? Visit her official webpage.

You can download the application for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

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