The French Police is removing Windows because it is too expensive


When you do not eat donuts or drink coffee, the French police probably search the internet for tutorials on how to change the volume of the speakers on their new Ubuntu computers !!!.

Because as of today, the French police have fully embraced Ubuntu Linux, throwing out Windows for the sole reason that it is too expensive.

37.000 computers are already running Ubuntu, and as a whole all 72.000 computers in the Le Gendarmerie Nationale are expected to be equipped with the same Linux distribution until the summer of 2014, according to ZDNet.

“Using an open-source desktop we reduce the total cost of ownership on proprietary software licenses (TCO) by 40% and also reduce costs for IT managers. "Using Ubuntu Linux we drastically reduce the number of local technical interventions," said Major Stéphane Dumond of the French Ministry of the Interior.

While Ubuntu is indeed a much more affordable alternative, it does not necessarily mean it is the most user-friendly. So we are very curious to know if the cost and time it takes to help 72.000 new Ubuntu users really deserve this move.

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