Friend or Foe Distinguish Friends and Foes among friends on Facebook

Her hackers Kaspersky Lab they promise us that with Friend or Foe they can reveal what we know about Facebook without knowing it.kaspersky friend or foe

Facebook collects a lot of information about our behavior, they note. The type of content we upload, what we are looking for, the apps we use, who does what and when.

With the Kaspersky Labs app, we can also recognize Friends and Enemies among our "friends".

The application Friend or Foe will receive the following information: your public profile, your friends list, your friend's custom lists, your updates, your birthday, your place of residence, your place of residence, followers and followers, and your friends' birthdays your interests, your friends' interests, places of residence and what you like. The application will not be able to publish on Facebook.

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The application of Kaspersky Lab is free of charge and allows users to evaluate how valuable their digital friends are and what others think about themselves.

This application will reveal which of the hundreds of followers are real "fans", who make the most republications and comments among a friend's friends.

At the same time, the application highlights threats to social network users and the way they can protect their personal information.

For those who like to use different applications to analyze their activity, Kaspersky Lab has created a tool that collects statistics for their Facebook activity. Friend Or Foe shows how many videos and photos a user publishes, how much he distracts and many other statistics that are of interest to Facebook enthusiasts.

Friend Or Foe is currently available in English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian dialect), Spanish (Mexican dialect), Arabic and Japanese, followed by more languages ​​in the near future.

Safety Tips from Friend Or Foe

The app urges you to check all the photos you've added to others as some may expose you.

The app lets you see if someone has included you in a "check-in" without your permission and helps you clear your profile from the check-in that has been done without your approval.

Application licenses
Friend Or Foe can collect all the apps you have subscribed to and show you what you've allowed in each of them.

Search history
Your app displays all the people or things you've searched on Facebook. Facebook stores this information, but you can delete them.

Developers will continuously improve the functionality of the application based on feedback from users.

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