FSF Stay away from iPhone, Amazon, Netflix, and Music Steaming Services

For the past thirteen years, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) has published the Ethical Tech Giving Guide. But what is interesting is that this year's guide points out some companies and products with negative recommendations and why to "stay away".


Stay away from: iPhone

It's not just Siri that's creepy: all Apple devices contain user-hostile software. Although they claim to be concerned about the privacy of their users, they are not they are reluctant to follow them.

Apple prevents you from install free third-party software on your own phone and uses it to censor apps that compete with or undermine the company's profits.

Apple has a long history of exploiting its users' absolute control over to silence political activists and to help governments to spy on millions of users.

Stay away from: M1 MacBook and MacBook Pro

macOS is proprietary software that limits the freedoms of its users.
In November 2020, macOS was caught to notify Apple every time a user opens an app. Although Apple has made changes to the service, the fact shows who are they until there is a general outcry.

Stay away from: Amazon

Amazon is one of the most notorious DRM offenders. They use one Orwellian control devices and services to spy on users and keep them trapped in their walled garden.

Please note that Amazon is not a DRM ebook seller. But the worrying thing is that enthusiastically supported by most major publishing houses.

Read more about the dangers of DRM through our campaign Defective by design.

Stay away from: Spotify, Apple Music and all other major streaming services

In addition to DRM-encumbered music streaming, those who want to use Spotify must install additional proprietary software. Even Spotify's GNU/Linux app is based on proprietary software.

Apple Music is no better and places severe restrictions on the music streamed through the platform.

Stay away from: Netflix

Netflix continues its disturbing trend to make burdensome DRM the norm for streaming media. That's why it was a target last year International Day Against DRM (IDAD).

They also use their position in the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) to advocate for tighter user restrictions and promote attempt to integrate DRM into the Web.

"In your gifts this year, put freedom first," begins their guide.

As a last-minute gift idea that respects freedom, they suggest giving the gift of a membership to the FSF (which comes with a code and a printable page "so you can present your gift as a physical object if you wish.")

Membership is valid for one year and includes many benefits such as USB member card, email forwarding, access to the Jitsi Meet video conferencing server and member forum, discounts in the FSF shop, ThinkPenguin hardware, and more.

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