Fsutil: Create a specific file size in Windows 10

Use the Fsutil command to create a specific sized file in Windows 10.


Sometimes you need to create a file of a certain size for test purposes. Of course you can create it with a third party application, such as WinRAR, by compressing large volumes of files into desired volume rar or zip files, but you know that Windows 10 offers you the ready solution through the Fsutil command;

Windows comes with a special command-line tool, called fsutil. This tool targets advanced users and system administrators. Performs tasks related to FAT and NTFS file systems, such as mapping, managing sporadic files, or removing a volume. If used without parameters, Fsutil displays a list of the individual supported commands. The tool is available in Windows since the Windows XP era.

You must be logged in as an Administrator or a member of the Administrators group to use Fsutil. You may need to enable it WSL mode to have full functionality in fsutil.

One of the parameters of fsutil is the "file". Contains a list of subtitles that can be used to find a file with a username (if Disk Quotas are enabled), to find a selected file range, to set a short file name, to zero data in a file, to create a new file etc

In our case, we will use the fsutil application to create a specific size file in Windows 10. See how.

Step 1: Open a command line with administrative privileges.
Step 2: Type or copy-paste the following command: fsutil file createnew <file_name> <file length>
Replace the <file_name> section with the actual file name and the <file_length> with the desired file size in BYTES.
The following command will create the iguru.bin file with 4 kilobytes size under c: \.

fsutil file createnew c: \ config.bin 4096

Do not forget to put quotes in your file path if it contains spaces.

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