Make your own Penetration Testing Box with a Raspberry Pi

In our infosec guide today, we will see how easy it is to create our own Penetration Testing Box with a Raspberry Pi, using an open source operating system and some free tools.

Finally, the total cost that we will need will not exceed 150 euros.

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What we will need


Operating system

We can try any Linux distribution we want, as the tools can be installed on all distributions, so we will install the Kali distribution on our Raspberry, which is the most common Hacking Distro.

Kali has a wide range of tools for penetration testing, malware analysis, IoT hacking, etc. But if we are not covered by the tools that are already installed, we can add tools of our choice by downloading them from their sources.

So we download Kali Linux from the official one σελίδα their.


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Network Card

The Raspberry Pi 4 already has a built-in wireless network card (2,4 GHz and 5,0 GHz IEEE 802.11ac) and supports packet injection and monitor mode (does not apply to the Raspberry Pi 3). This will allow you to use either the built-in wireless connection (wlan0) or some other wireless network adapter that may have a longer range if you want to carry out wireless attacks more efficiently.

Below I will suggest you my best wireless network cards:

Launch Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi 4

To login to the desktop of kali we will be asked for a username and password which is the word by factory kali both fields.

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Change the SSH keys

Activate the automatic connection

Registration in via Email

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After the reboot, we are ready to run our Raspberry pi and carry out any attack we want.

In conclusion we showed how we could configure a penetration testing box at a fairly low cost, the settings we will need to make our machine work properly, as well as everything we need to get.

Happy Hacking!

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