Make a custom keyboard layout in Windows 10

Windows 10 has a long list of keyboard layouts that a user can add to their system. These devices cover many languages, including Greek, and are available for all types of keyboards.

Installing a keyboard layout in Windows 10 is easy. All you have to do is select a language from a list, request it and it will be added. Users can switch between keyboard layouts with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift or Alt + Shift.

The downloadable Windows 10 keyboard layouts cannot be edited. To get a custom keyboard layout, you need to create one yourself.

Create a keyboard layout
Creating a keyboard layout is easy but time consuming as each key must be assigned separately. Try to find a ready-made keyboard layout, if you can, to do your job. If the ready-made keyboard layout is not available, then you will have to make the layout yourself. Let's see how.

1. Download Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (MSKLC). It only supports 64bit machines.
2. Unzip the application, run it and press each button, one by one.
3. Select the key you want to assign to it.
4. Map the entire keyboard.
6. Go to Project> Build DLL and Setup Package.
7. Save the device.

Common-language keyboard layouts, such as English, are more commonly used and easier to download. If you have to type a language that does not have many layouts available or you have to set the keys to a configuration that you can not find online, a custom layout is the best alternative.

It is worth noting that if you only need to change one or two keys, you can do it by re-assigning, instead of creating a custom layout. Rewording tools like AutoHotKey and the power toys are good choices.

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