Fudge: Play Reverse Tetris from your browser

Play Reverse Tetris for free from your browser, with Fudge.

reverse tetris

Fudge is a free online game by Rianna, developed in HTML5. The look of the game is classic Tetris but now the goal is to clear the board by getting all the bricks to the bottom of the stack.

Each time you are given 3 shapes which you have to match on the Tetris track in such a way that they have a clear path underneath them to fall without any obstacles. You have to repeat this process until you can clear all the bricks in the field.

Your best effort will be the one in which you get a lower score equal to the number of bricks left on the board.

When no shape fits the track you should press the Reroll button to change the shapes and add new bricks to the track.

Fudge can be called Reverse Tetris, as instead of placing bricks in lines, you match them to make them fall until the track is completely empty.

Here you cannot rotate the shapes. All you need to do is click on the bricks to form the shape you've modeled and once you've done that it falls automatically provided there's a clear path underneath it.

The truth is that Fudge is a lot of fun and we were hooked for quite some time. Our score reached 4 bricks. Try it, it's free.

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