Scanify's Fuel3D are you ready for 3D selfies?

3D scanning, modeling and printing are issues that are very much on CES 2015. An entire piece at the Sands Expo Congress Center is dedicated to companies in the category. So at this year's exhibition there are too many selfies but none of the results can be compared to those of the portable 3D scanner Fuel3D of Scanify.fuel3d

Unlike traditional 3D scanners that are bulky, immobile and use lasers to capture images, Scanify's scanner is portable and uses two blinking camera lenses to capture the picture. The technology is similar to that used by human eyes, which combine images from the left and right eye to show 3D results.

With this technology, Fuel3D's General Marketing Director Stephen Crossland reports that 3D scans will be more flexible for designers and developers, since they can take almost everything from everything and retain all the details without having to they render manually several images to have a 3D model. Scanify also offers a proprietary software to help you edit the image as needed.

TNT's Natt Garun.

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