G Skill RipJaws 4, the company's first desktop-grade DDR4 memories, is a fact

With his exhalation 2014, to be essentially the landmark period for their arrival DDR4 memories, h G Skill he enters the game dynamically afterwards Needle, Crucial and Corsair, introducing a new quad channel kit DDR4 memories in various capacities and speeds.G Skill Red.jpg

Their destination, at least for the first time, is the platform High-End Desktop (HEDT) of Intel to Core i7 “Haswell-E” processors (LGA 2011-3) and motherboards based on the chipset X99 Express. Naturally, all of the kits fully support this platform (XMP 2.0) as well as its quad channel layout.

All in all, 2 models will be released 16GB (4 x 4GB) and 32GB (4 x 8GB) at a speed 2400MHz CL15 in different colors (red, blue, black). But there will be three more choices, 16GB ή 32GB in 2666MHz (also CL15) and 16GB in 3000MHz (CL15 and here).

The operating voltage in all cases does not exceed 1,35 volt and guarantee offered by the company of course it is for life. Prices range from € 299 for 16GB and touch them € 624 for 32GB at 2666MHz. They are expected to be widely available from the next September.


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